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I’m a video storyteller experienced in crafting compelling stories through shooting, editing, motion graphics, and effects. My attention to detail and fast-paced production experience enables me to excel in all areas from pre-production through post. I am passionate about learning and enjoy managing multiple projects in a deadline driven environment. My positivity and flexibility allows me to find creative solutions and support my team.

I love creating, from baking in the kitchen to climbing on aerial silks. I can sing almost every Disney song from memory and sometimes forget that I don’t live in a musical. I recently got my dream espresso machine and love practicing latte art on anyone who is willing to stay for a sip. 

I’m most animated when sharing the fascinating new thing I learned from a recent podcast or book. I’m passionate about improving the community and volunteer teaching a weekly adult ESL class. When I’m not trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, I can be found enjoying sushi or Korean BBQ with family and friends.

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Aerial silks: Finally mastered the hip lock!
Still working on perfecting my latte art
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